Grace “Gucci” Mugabe – Centre of the Zimbabwean storm

Grace “Gucci” Mugabe – Centre of the Zimbabwean storm

- Grace, Mugabe's second wife, has been his biggest supporter since their marriage in 1996

- She has been described as vindictive, unpredictable and extravagant

- The current chaos in Zimbabwe ensued when she was named her husband's successor after Emmerson was fired last week

Grace “Gucci” Mugabe – Centre of the Zimbabwean storm

Media across the world is trying to make sense of all the drama surrounding Zimbabwe. The country remains on edge and uncertain about its future.

Right in the centre of it all is Grace, wife of 93-year-old Robert Mugabe.

Grace has been an avid supporter of her husband for years. The pair met before Mugabe’s first wife, Sally, died from cancer. At the time Grace was working as a typist in Robert’s office. A few years after her passing they got married.

Grace has been her husband’s biggest supporter since they got married in 1996. She even said earlier this year that he would even win votes as a corpse.

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This hasn’t however been Mrs Mugabe’s year.

She needed diplomatic protection after assaulting a model in Johannesburg. She’s been in arguments with the now fired Emmerson Mnangagwa. She has also earned herself the nickname “First Shopper”.

Grace and her party are thought to be right in the middle of the current rebellion. learned from the South African that she is more popularly known as “Gucci Grace” and has been described as ‘unpredictable, vindictive and extravagant’.

There is very little that can be described as graceful by the first lady, she has a long list of misbehaviour and her reputation tends to precede her.

In 2014 she impossibly achieved a PhD in sociology from the University of Zimbabwe in only two months. Her thesis has never been seen and reportedly was never filed, but that didn’t stop her from using the title as part of her campaign for the leadership of the Zanu-PF women’s wing.

Her nicknames ‘Gucci’ and ‘First Shopper’ are self explanatory as they depict the first lady’s love of shopping. She has allegedly been charged a 75,000 pound bill in Paris after a shopping spree.

Another popular story is of Richard Jones. The British photographer reportedly tried to take a photo of Grace in Hong Kong. He stated that Grace’s bodyguards chased him down and held him back while Mrs Mugabe assaulted him.

She somehow still has some support though. Through help from the Zanu-PF’s Youth League and certain politicians she was able to form the Generation 40 party.

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Emmerson was for obvious reasons always the preferred successor to Robert Mugabe, until he was fired last week.

The response has been immediate, with the ZDF taking matters into their own hands.

One thing is definitely for sure Gucci Grace is in a heck of a lot of trouble.

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