Zuma stole from the poor and gave to the rich, says speaker at gathering

Zuma stole from the poor and gave to the rich, says speaker at gathering

- Speakers at a recent gathering slammed Zuma for corruption

- They fear that the ANC will elect a new leader similar to Zuma

- Which will not change the direction of the party

- They emphasised the importance of a government that prioritised the poor

Zuma stole from the poor and gave to the rich, says speaker at gathering

Andrew Feinstein, former ANC MP, author and global anti-arms trade activist, said artillery deals are more related to corruption than war

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Feinstein was oust from the ANC for confronting the multi billion-rand arms deal scandal.

Arms deals are prospering because of the small group of business and political leaders that saw an opportunity to make money.

According to Feinstein the world is more at peace now than ever before, but regardless, more firearms are sold.

He states that the upcoming December ANC conference is a chance for the ANC to show they stand for the people.

Feinstein said the nation ought to have the politicians it deserved.

Businessperson and former ANC political activist Sipho Pityana had quite an interesting metaphor for the upcoming ANC conference.

Briefly.co.za gathered from The Citizen that Pityana said the conference “was about putting icing sugar on a rotten cake.”

He clarified what he meant by his statement, saying that if you put icing on a rotten cake and sell it at a lower price, it doesn’t stop it from being rotten.

Pityana said that the ANC’s reluctance to admit its corruption will increase the likelihood that they elect someone with a history of corruption. He is doubtful that the course of the ANC will be different following December.

Pityana insisted that the people of South Africa had an obligation to those who fought for freedom, to ensure the ANC be punished in the next election.

He praised the ANC previously being one of the leading constitutions in the world, but added it became corrupt and protected a corrupt president- Jacob Zuma.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa also weighed in on the subject, saying that Zuma has become the image of the ANC.

He added that anarchy, criminality and violence would proceed under the new leader elected at the ANC conference in December.

“The best thing is not to wait for the 2019 elections. We need to pull up our socks and sort out the rot in our country. The ANC that people trusted has abandoned the original agenda,” Holomisa said.

Gender activist and academic Nomboniso Gasa called for legal action against Zuma, for crimes such as embezzling taxpayers’ money. She said that Zuma should wear the orange overall.

Gaza believes Zuma should be made an example off. She explains that if he would serve jail time, his successor would see what happens if a leader betrays his people.

According to Gaza, Zuma is a reverse Robin Hood. She said instead of taking from the rich and giving it to the poor, Zuma stole money from the poor and gave to the rich.

To protect himself from legal proceedings, Zuma built relationships with people within the police and prosecution structures, who do exactly what he demands.

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According to Gasa, The systemic political corruption under Zuma has resulted in all state institutions running on autopilot, while the administrative deterioration had seen people sent to mental institutions to die.

Pityana said the money retrieved from state capture must be circled back to the state coffers.

He added that when Zuma is gone, it is going to be a challenging time to clean up the mess he made.

According to him, the state is enemy of the poor, he says it steals from the poor. Pityana said it is essential that South Africa has a government that is biased to the poor.

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Source: Politics.briefly.co.za

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