Makhosi Khoza: Jacob Zuma is 'morally handicapped'

Makhosi Khoza: Jacob Zuma is 'morally handicapped'

- The former ANC member has slammed the party for its failure to see the danger it is in

- She labelled its leader as 'morally handicapped'

- She cautioned that the South African people will not continue to tolerate the widespread corruption

Makhosi Khoza has pleaded with the ANC to recognise the peril that the party is in it risks not only losing support but also risks self-destruction.

She commented on that the ANC appears unfazed that it lost all the key metros in the country and that the party continues as if nothing major has happened.

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Khoza describes the party's leader as 'morally handicapped' and the party is unable to save itself at this point. learned that Khoza claims that the ANC is in denial about how much power it actually wields and missed a crucial opportunity to save itself in April this year when they failed to remove Zuma as president.

The former ANC member said that the people of South Africa may revolt if corruption is not brought under control. She cautions that the people of Alex may march and pull down the walls in Sandton, referencing the Berlin Wall according to

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Khoza made her first public appearance since leaving the party and resigning as an MP. She has launched a new political party and hopes to challenge the ANC at the polls and save South Africa.

The former MP had come under fire for her vocal criticism of Jacob Zuma and her vote in favour of the no-confidence vote, saying that she voted with her conscience.

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