Opinion: Zuma’s cronies don’t care about the ANC, they care only about their own wallets

Opinion: Zuma’s cronies don’t care about the ANC, they care only about their own wallets

Editor’s note – With a reputation like his, President Jacob Zuma is the last person who should be calling for unity within the ANC at the national elective conference. Briefly editor, Ria Stark, explains why.

Opinion: Zuma’s cronies don’t care about the ANC, they care only about their own wallets

While it’s less than two weeks to go until the ANC’s national elective conference kicks off, the presidential seat race is heating up.

The idea of Cyril Ramaphosa becoming the next ANC leader is giving many of his colleagues racing hearts and upset stomachs.

Many of his supporters believe South Africa’s era of patronage and looting is about to be disrupted.

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And because of this, President Jacob Zuma, David Mabuza (the Mpumalanga premier) and many other comrades are calling for unity. They’ve travelled across the country to discuss the huge implications if the ANC does not have a united leadership.

Briefly.co.za found Ramaphosa is now leading the race.

The ANC keeps losing support

For the past 10 years, the ANC has been losing support since Zuma became its president.

His demise was also largely due to break away political parties being formed.

Herald Live reported after Zuma became president in 2007, Cope was founded.

When Thabo Mbeki was at the helm of the ruling party, the ANC’s electoral tally was 69%. It declined to 65.9%, while in the 2009 elections, 7% of the electorate followed COPE.

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Zuma didn’t give the toss.

Then, the man who seemed to be an ANC puppet at the time, Julius Malema, formed the Economic Freedom Fighters just after Zuma was re-elected as party leader in 2012.

Again, this man of unity didn’t give the toss.

Zuma was not only in charge, but it was alleged he handed South Africa to the controversial Gupta family during this time.

The ANC’s electoral tally continues to decline

In 2014, the EFF managed to attract just over 6% of mostly ANC voters to its party. Again, the ANC electoral tally went from 65.9% to 62% of the vote.

This trend, which clearly indicated Zuma is bad for business, continued during the 2016 municipal elections. In this election, the ANC managed to secure only 54% of the national votes.

In an area where the ANC once enjoyed 82% of the votes, in the Free State’s Metsimaholo, only 34% of voters supported the ruling party during municipal elections last week. The EFF and scorned ally, the SA Communist Party, were the big winners.

Basically, what all these facts and figures mean is that the ANC has been losing support, and that Zuma is to blame. What it all means is that the ANC has been falling apart since Zuma became leader. In the ANC’s 106-year history, Zuma could possibly be the party’s most divisive president.

To this end, it’s outrageous to think Zuma could bring about unity.

Those calling for unity also enjoy the benefits of state looting

What’s worse is the leaders who are calling for unity on Zuma’s account, who themselves have been doing a less than decent job.

In the North West, Zuma ally, Supra Mahumapelo, has presided over a government run by corrupt leaders. Here, the residents in the province have been yearning for the return of Bantustan leader, Lucas Mangope.

Another one of Zuma’s puppets is the new State Security Minister, Bongani Bongo, who hails from the super corrupt and looted province of Mpumalanga. In this province, corruption is part of everyday life. It’s so bad; the scale of the massive corruption in the province isn’t even reported in mainstream news.

These are the kinds of politicians who are, with the help of Zuma, calling for a unity candidate to take over. While they’re trying to convince the world they merely want a president that can unite the country, we all know they probably want to ensure their spots for their own on his leadership team.

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After three years campaigning for Dlamini-Zuma, their plans did not quite work out as they planned. Now, they’re planning to neuter their new victim, in this case Ramaphosa, by putting enough of their own corrupt cronies around him, which will mean that his every attempt to modify captured state institutions will be blocked.

It’s clear…they don’t have the ANC’s best interests at heart, but just want to continue the looting of the state to benefit themselves.

And if Ramaphosa and his comrades fall for this, they will regret it forever.

If a ‘unity’ candidate wins, one thing is sure, the ANC will suffer big time in 2019’s general elections.

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