Zuma’s last speech in a nutshell

Zuma’s last speech in a nutshell

- President Zuma will retire and join the veterans league

- Corruption, both private and public, should be dealt with equally

- Zuma thanked the party for allowing him to rule

President Zuma made a long and involved speech when he addressed members at the 54th ANC National Conference. It was mostly about internal concerns facing the ANC.

These are the most pertinent things from his speech.

Zuma will retire and join the veterans league.

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Corruption in the public and private sector is prevalent. It should be dealt with in the same way. In a new provision corporate collusion is punishable with 10 years in prison.

Zuma’s last speech in a nutshell

Zuma’s last speech in a nutshell

The ANC is facing threats from factionalism and ill-discipline. the last 10 years has seen smaller parties split off from the ANC and it has had a negative affect on the party. Seeing the party lose a number of prominent members.

A recent ruling that members who imposed legal action on the party would be expelled needed to be enforced. Zuma reminded members about this and wanted branches to deal with their issues outside of the courtroom.

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Zuma also spoke about alliance partners like COSATU and SACP for him to step down, referring to them as enemies of the party.

Briefly.co.za also learned that president Zuma reminded veterans that they were there to give advice based on their experience, rather than cause more issues.

The recent SACP decision to contest elections independently in the Metsimaholo municipal poll was not to be dismissed out of hand. It sent a message that the SACP may not support the ANC in the 2019 elections.

Zuma also asked delegates to investigate the SA National Civic organisation, not going into much detail, just stating that they had become ‘stale’.

As reported by The Sowetan, Zuma was unimpressed with the booing he had to endure during a May Day rally. Calling the behaviour from their alliance partners, which eventually drove him off the stage, unacceptable.

People did not hold back with responses to his last speech

Zuma then went on to warn the alliance partners that their relations are between parties and not between individuals. Since Zuma stepped to power the alliance has been on shaky ground with COSATu, amongst others, calling for him to step down.

He ended with a thank you to all the members of the ANC for letting him lead the party. Also stating that he would hold no grudges with those who did not agree with during his reign.

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Source: Politics.briefly.co.za

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